Import Master Section Presets from Wavelab 6 to Wavelab 12 Elements

I have Wavelab 6 and Wavelab 12 Elements trial
I have tens of presets in Wavelab 6 and I want to import them all into Wavelab 12 Elements.
Is that possible and, if so, how, please?
Thank you

This is not possible. Moreover, in WaveLab 6, all plugins were only 32 bit, while in WaveLab 12, all plugins are 64 bit.

Well, I was using 64bit VST plugins in Wavelab 6.
Does anyone have ideas of how best to achieve what I need?

It was impossible to use 64 bit plugins in WaveLab 6 directly. If you used a wrapper software for this, then this one will likely not be recognized by WaveLab 12.

Manually, by noting settings, and copying them in WaveLab 12.