Import media project

Hi, I am trying out vst live 2 and I have cubase 12. I have exported a project from cubase as a media project file, with an arranger track included - set up as “verse, chorus…” etc. When I import the media project as a song in vst live I choose “create parts” for the arranger track. Parts are then created in the left section of the window, but all audio/midi ends up in the first part (that I have named “count in”. Shouldnt all the arranger parts end up in each created respective part, with the audio/midi associated with that part in there too?

Just for a quick check, what happens if not selecting: create parts ? Are your tracks the complete?

Do you mean what happens if I choose ignore track for the arranger track?

I think I found the solution to this problem. When I also ticked the box “create triggers” it seems to work!

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