Import midi / Bad sound

I import several MIDI tracks. I assign to each track a VST Instrument.

When I play the song, the sound of the VST is very bad.

If I create a MIDI Track and draw the notes directly in VST Live, the sound of the same VST is good.

That is very vague. You may send us the midi file to examine.
Sound is produced by the Instrument, and MIDI has a very limited range of values, so pure MIDI data simply cannot make anything “sound bad”. They merely tell the Instrument “play this note at velocity xx” and “move controller xy to z”.

I know that midi will only play the instrument, but the sound is very altered. I will try to make a video or something you can hear.

Te retrouver - Drum.mid (14.2 KB)
Synth - Pré-Refrain 2.mid (328 Bytes)
Synth - Refrain.mid (9.6 KB)
Synth - Couplet.mid (632 Bytes)
Synth - Pré-Refrain 1.mid (2.4 KB)

sorry, this doesn’t help. Sound is produced by Instruments or MIDI devices, these are just MIDI data. When I import and set all to Halion Sonic SE, and each of those to GM mode, it sounds weird, but that’s because there appear to be no program changes etc. Not sure what you are expecting. You may send the VST Live Project (.vlprj) but I doubt that helps.
You are aware that if you mix many tracks, your main output may overflow, right? Make sure your output never goes red.

What do you mean by " it sounds weird, but that’s because there appear to be no program changes etc. " ?

There is no context, just raw MIDI, it can sound like anything depending on what you put behind it. MIDI drums played to a piano sound weird.

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Hi @musicullum,

I tested today and I have now a good behavior. What I did is to use the Preload feature. Maybe this action has resolved the issue.