Import Midi don't import tempo e TimeSignature


Sorry for my english

I have cuatomized a model with Some audio, group & fx channels.

When I import Midifile (from Dorico) in courrent project Lost every events of TimeSignature change and bpm.

instead if I import Midi file in a new project it’s all OK.

How Can I solved?

Thank you for your support!


This is by design. If you import a MIDI data to an existing project, the tempo of the original project is kept. If you import a MIDI file and create a new project the tempo of the MIDI file had been used.

Try Unchecking in preferences the box marked ignore Master Track events on Merge
Save first before you import the midi track as merging one tempo track with another can be a little interesting.


Yeah!!! Great!
With this option unchecked the import Is perfect with time changings and time signature!

Thank you very much!!!

I wonder why it is called “master track”. In the manual we read:

Ignore Master Track Events on Merge
Ignores tempo track data if you import a MIDI file into the current project. The imported MIDI file will play according to the current tempo track in the project.

I don’t know