Import MIDI file and HALion Sonic SE group auto create

When MIDI file is imported a HALion Sonic SE group track is automatically created in addition to the MIDI track. What is it?? Is there any documentation/vidoe available to explain how to manage these tracks. New to DAW


This is the Audio Return of the HALion Sonic SE virtual instrument.

So in general, you send a MIDI data from your MIDI track to the Virtual Instrument (HALion Sonic SE). The sound is generated in the Virtual Instrument. In the audio signal (sound) is routed to this Audio Return. You can imagine it as a hardware synth. MIDI data is routed via MIDI cable to the instrument from the MIDI track. The instrument generates the sound. The sound is routed via audio cable to any Audio Device (Mixer, for example). On the Mixer, there are your Audio Return Channels, same as it is in Cubase.