Import MIDI File Bug


I’ve been getting a bug in my latest project. Imported some midi files and worked on the layouts and such, when I close/reopen the file, some of the layout changes reset, and measures that I deleted from the midi files appear again.

Can’t upload it here because it says the file is too large (3.7mb).

Any suggestion?


Try setting the ‘Silence’ playback template on a copy of the file to reduce its size, then try uploading it again. Be sure to be specific about where you are seeing the unexpected changes, and under what circumstances.

Thanks, Daniel.

The bug is happening at the end of the second and fifth flow. The added measures where there in the midi file, but keep popping up after deleting them. It happens when I close and open the file.
Midi Import (859 KB)

It’s the markers that are causing those bars to reappear. Delete those markers and you’ll then be able to permanently delete those bars.

Thanks, that worked! Hopefully that can be an easy patch fix later.

No, this is working as intended. If you have markers in your music, there should be bars sufficient to cause them to appear.

But if the bars were deleted, it should delete everything attached to them, right?

Markers are a special case. They exist at specific time positions rather than in bars.