Import Midi file. Does not save tempo data.

Hello Forum.

I have had this issue for awhile and can’t seem to figure it out through preferences. In fact I am not even sure if its possible to do what I am hoping can be resolved through a few checkmark clicks.

However, this is the issue. I often score my music through a notation software such as Finale 2011. However I like to edit it in Cubase for a general DAW. The problem is that when I save the file in Finale as a MIDI file and import it in cubase my tempo is lost, but the velocities are saved. Now I also exported it as a MUSIC xml document, things work great, tempo is saved, except I lose the velocities (at least when I look at hte key editor they are all defaulted.

Is there a reason why Cubase is not reading the midi file’s time signatures, and key signatures that was reserved in Finale 2011 but can reserve it in MUSIC XML.

I prefer to keep the overall “touch” of velocities that is found in the midi file. But it also means if i have intricate time signatures I got to do it all by hand. Anyone know of a quick and easy option?

Thank you.

The reason is, that you disabled importing tempo information it in the MIDI file import options. Try the “help” button on the bottom of the Preferences window, and read what the single import options do…
“Ignore matertrack events on merge”