Import MIDI file from Dorico to Cubase

Hello! I would like to transfer data from Dorico to Cubase for post production. In general, it works fine, when i export a MIDI file from Dorico and import it to Cubase, but i have some parts with quintduplets and Cubase interprets them as very weird sounding triplets. Is it possible to fix it?


Is there any settings on escort side of Dorico, please? Can you set up the minimal Note length for example?

This is why Dorico is NOT seemless with any Cubase Pro Product. It is a marketing issue. We all would like to see Dorico in Cubase but it does not make money for Steinberg. Dorico delivers the finish product to the music stand. The Cubase Score Editor allows corrections prior to creating an audio track. Here all of your audio mixes are created and then made in to a master recording.