Import MIDI File help needed!


I’ve imported a MIDI file from another DAW-When it cycles back to the beginning a program change occurs? which alters the patch on a VSTi-There is something embedded in the file when it was exported from the other DAW.

In the Cubase 6 project within the MIDI clip/piano roll all the controller info etc…is there so I know I’m not far away from gettin a solution to this but just need some really good pinpointed information to help me overcomethis,

I have read some of the Cubase manual but my brain had just had enough… :confused: …thanks in advance…

Easiest way is to open the LIST editor, and you then can see which Programs changes/ Patches/ volume events etc are in each track, then you can delete accordingly, but be careful as when deleting events, you can easily delete a midi note in the process. :smiley:

You’ve just beaten me to it… :smiley: …Often I post a thread, go away, do something else, think about the problem and alot of the time the answer comes to me - THE LIST EDITOR - I’ve just got into the eidtor and seen immediatey the program change that needed deleting and done it…!!!


But the really good thing about the list editor is the check boxes at the top. You can hide all the notes, or all the sysex, or all controllers etc. I find that feature makes it really useful for deleting wasteful aftertouches or sustain events say.