Import MIDI files from MIDI files output from Dorico

I use Dorico to write some scores, then export to a project MIDI file.
I import it into Cubase. In cubase, all instrument tracks are there, but there are extra low notes at C0 or lower inserted inadvertently, I had to manually clear these notes on midi tracks.
Does anyone have any ideas why this happen ? Is this caused by Dorico or by Cubase ?
Thanks in advance

I think it has to do with keyswitches… do you use changes of articulation in your writing with Dorico? If so, it’s probably the articulation changes

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I agree with @Italyuser.

Btw, you don’t have to clean them manually. You can set the Logical Editor preset to do so in one go.

I see

I just look into at the Logical Editor.
The actions allowed to notes not including remove.
Any ideas what actions in Logical Editor used to erase notes ?