Import midi files on iPad

This may already have been addressed:
i have been importing MIDI files to my iPad via iTunes, but now that iTunes no longer shows my iPad apps, (iTunes v, how do I do this? Cubasis to me becomes useless if I can no longer import MIDI files!
Thanks to anyone who has the answer!

  • Richard, Cubasis user

Oops… Never mind!
I just discovered I can transfer MIDIs via email attachments. I’m sure that’s always been there, and it’s easier than iTunes anyway.
So all’s well between me and QBASIS.
I apologize for the unnecessary question!

  • Richard

iCloud is working for me, web-upload, i can’t get my iCloud working on my PC.
The web upload is working partially, folder by folder because apple doesn’t allow us to upload folders i have to make them and fill them manually