Import Midi in Dorico 4?


Can someone import this midi file into Dorico 4 and send it back as a .dorico file? I heard midi support was improved in 4 but I can’t afford to upgrade yet.

Thanks in advance,

Ian Hook

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I would gladly. But there’s no file, and I won’t be nowhere near my computer before a hour and a half…

Look at the MIDI import tutorial on YouTube, it’s really changed. No point in importing it, the new system is flexible enough to handle anything I judge.

My bad, here it is:
I Will Sing MIDI.mid (7.4 KB)

Well yes, but I can’t afford to upgrade to 4 just yet…

Here you go. With default settings it looked too detailed, so I quantized to a sixteenth.
I Will Sing.dorico (677.9 KB)