Import midi in Flexhraser

How too import midi in my Halion 6 flexphraser ? I drop my midi at the intended place but nothing happens.
When midi icon with arrow changes color to light blue . Which is the next step ?

You can’t drop midi in the flexphraser, you have to use the midi player module for that. The midi player is not an arpeggiator though, so it might not be what you want.

The midi and arrow icon in flexphraser is to export a recorded phrase to Cubase, but cant receive midi files.

How too activate midi player ?

In the Program Tree, select the program or layer for which you want to insert the MIDI module.
Right-click the program or layer and select New > MIDI Module.
Select the MIDI module that you want to insert.
You can also insert multiple MIDI modules and use them in series.