Import midi/instr tracks from archive or project - wrong assignments

This appears to happen on both ‘Import Track Archive’ and ‘Import Tracks from Project’ when using midi tracks assigned to Instrument tracks.
The instrument assignments are lost, and instead routed to other similar instruments.

For example, I create a session in Cubendo with a Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) instrument - this connects to a VEP server on another machine.
This instrument is VST3 and has multiple midi ports.
The midi tracks are assigned to multiple midi ports and channels on this instrument.
I save this session and call it ‘Harry’.

I export these tracks (inc the VEP instance) to a track archive for use in other projects.

In another project, that already has several VEP instances connecting to other server instances,
I either import said track archive -OR- import the same tracks from my previously saved VEP session (‘Harry’).

The result is the tracks will import, but the midi tracks will be assigned to another VEP instance already in the session; the port and channel assignments are correct, but the VST INSTRUMENT assignment is not.

It will then require rerouting all said midi channels to the correct ports and instruments.

I hope this is something that can be fixed, as it is a feature I use a lot.
In addition, I’m puzzled as to why exporting a track archive doesn’t include Folder tracks and nesting.

I have the same problem…