Import MIDI song file with multiple instruments in a track?

I know I can import a MIDI file with instrument and other changes mid-track, but as far as I can tell, these changes are lost during the import. Is there a way to preserve this information? For example, a way to have Cubasis create new tracks+events for each mid-track change? Or is there a utility I could use to do the same, generating new “pure” (no mid-track changes) MIDI files that I could then import into Cubasis? Thanks in advance!

Cubasis is capable of reading both format 0 and format 1 MIDI files.

MIDI files format 0 contains all data in one track, MIDI files format 1 can contain multiple tracks, each with independent data.

Please come up with a better description where the problem lies.



I have a MIDI file that when I play it in Bismark BS-i16 I can see that the instrument for track 4 changes several times, going from Halo Pad to Stereo Grand, then Celeste, and then something like brass synth 2, among other instruments.

I think Cubasis reads this MIDI file in correctly and preserves the Program Codes to change the insrruments, but ignores them when playing the actual track. So Halo Pad for the entire track.

Is this is the expected behavior in Cubasis?

If so, is there a way to select a block of PCs + CCs so that I could split them up into an event that I could move to a new track? Also, is there a way to see the actual raw data for the PCs?

Thanks and I hope that made more sense!

Please check if the program changes of the MIDI file imported with Cubasis appear in the MIDI CC editor list (fourth parameter in the list). The MIDI CC editor furthermore allows to set the supported parameters manually.

Wow! So that graph is the only way to “see” what a MIDI parameter is set to? I have to hold down on the ‘+’ to see that value, and usually end up accidently changing it! You really need to display the value if the current zoom level permits. And provide a way to just view the values in decimal or hex directly instead of via that graph in the key editor. If you count tapping on each PC to see the value and then tapping on Undo to undo that change I accidently made then yeah, you are right, I can see and edit the PCs in Cubasis. But realistically, that’s a bit too rudimentary to be practical for a track with several PCs and other things Cubasis currently ignores. An editor for these would be useful – just something simple that lets us edit these directly. Ditto for non-note and related CCs

So, is there an easy way to select the PC and notes following it, up to the next PC? I can use the select tool, but it’s not the most accurate. Is there a way to e.g. select two PCs in the MIDI portion of the key editor and then copy al of the parameters (including the notes) to a new event? I want to do a copy since the ending PC for this event will need to be the starting PC for the next event. I could really use some tips on working with key editor. Thanks!!

Here are some hints for you:

  • Set grid to off in order to match available parameters more easily
  • Activate draw mode to draw an event, de-activate afterwards (to avoid events to be mistakenly written)
  • White marked events are selected, black ones are de-selected
  • Tap on an event to select it, tap in an empty area to de-select events
  • Deselect all events then select the desired events twice to read its value
  • Selected events can be copied and pasted to the position pointer (cursor) in the editor

Hope that helps,


Thanks Lars, that does help. Is there a way to select two PCs and then expand that selection to include all of the MIDI parameters (including the notes) in between the two?

No that’s not intended and not possible.

Ok, I have been splitting the track just before each PC and copying the events to new tracks. Now I just need to assign the instrument. Is there a chart that shows how Cubasis maps GM instruments? For example, what would 94 “Halo Pad” (using the name for the Soundfomt library in Bismark) be? I can obviosuly choose something, but I was hoping to learn how Cubasis has been programmed to tackle the problem. Thanks!

Cubasis does not provide GM-compatibility in terms of instruments. Therefore we have no GM instrument map.

But there is clearly some instrument mapping going on – it’s not like everything is defaulting to a grand piano. Is there some partial mapping going on, or Is it just that the GM instrument number is mapped to the Cubasis instrument number (which i assume is the order the instruments are listed in)?

As a side note, I would definitely like to see GM Midi support added, even if you just used the same soundfont library Bismark 16i does to help you get it working. I have a lot of MIDI files and it would be great if I could use them in Cubasis directly. I would pay a reasonable price if it was addd as an IAP.

General MIDI’s most recognized feature is the defined list of sounds (or “patches”)