import midifile: why these differences

I’m trying the Dorico I bought yesterday and as there are no demo file in dorico own file, I open some I have to compare .
As I bought the crossfade from sibelius: here is the difference from opening a midifile : The chicken (j.pastorius)

Why these differences?
and when I play I don’t have the real sound: no programm change?
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You might find you get better results by exporting your Sibelius score as MusicXML and importing that.

Thanks for the answer to and during the time I tried it:
export XML from sibelius and import it in Dorico: the result
very stange drum kit notation specially from mes 6: what’s the problem? Sibelius XML export?

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It could be that down the fact that, unfortunately, unpitched percussion notation is in a very rudimentary state at the moment. Single-line percussion works OK, but multi-line percussion is basically not yet properly implemented. Improving this part of the program is a high priority for us.