import missing file


I have done something wrong with one of my project and somehow, the audio file folder went missing, my guess is that it was wrongly linked to a folder on a hard drive I removed.
hopefully, I had a backup of the raw WAV files (before they were imported into cubase), so I just created an audio folder back at the right place and put the WAV files back using the resolve popup and select the right folder…

So it worked for I would say half of the WAV but some others has been renamed (creating copies for any reason) and are still missing because they don’t “recognize” the original file.
So for now the only solution I found is to locate 1 by 1 all the file and link them to the original not renamed WAV file.
is there a way to make that link faster ? like a drag & drop in the pool so it automatically link to that wav ?
I have hundreds of WAV file to link, I’m gonna get crazy ?



Unfortunately i dont think there is an easy cure! The structure of audio files, clips and audio events is absolutely cruicial for Cubase to work correctly.

I am not aware of an easy solution, but maybe someone chimes in who had the same situatoin or a similar one and found a better way…

GOod luck!