import multichannel wavs from X32-Live -Problem

Hi Everybody ,
i got an extremely strange behaviour/Audio File mix-up after importing multi-wavs from a DN23Live/X32-Live SD-Card here :

  1. I got 2 Subfolders with each 5 blocks of 32CH multich WAVS on the SD Card (Part 1&2 of a concert ,different timestamps in each subfolder ,
    same length of all due to the standard block size of the X32Live card )
    2.Import 1st WAV from 1st subfolder (directly from SD-Card),split to mono files , 32bit > 24 bit conversion
  2. repeat step 2 until all 5 blocks from the 1st Subfolder(=1st Part of the Concert) are aligned
  3. Leave a gap in the timeline , do the same thing for all WAVs in the 2nd Subfolder (Part 2 of the concert)
    NOTE : WAVs from the 2nd Subfolder have the same name (00000001.WAV etc)BUT different timestamps
    (Timestamp will be renewed since converting to mono wavs of course)

Seems like Nuendo is mixing up the newly written mono files 00001.WAV from the 1st and 2nd Subfolder import , with also strange behaviour regarding
waveforms (empty waveforms do playback something and vice versa ,eventually ending up with having twice the files from the 2nd Subfolder and all files from the 1st Subfolder lost…

I will try to workaround this by importing the different SD card Subfolders into separate Nuendo Projects .(Pain ,since it’s 1 Concert to Mix)
I will also try to import the multichannel files as they are without splitting>mono/converting>24bit and see if this changes anything

This is the 2nd time this happened in 2 Weeks ,if you work with X32LIVE Multichannel WAVs i highly recommend you backup your original multichannel files at a safe place … i formatted my sd card 2 weeks ago for the next gig only to find out that i lost the 1st Part of a concert.
I thought i messed it up whilst bouncing/renaming trax (which never happened to me ) but now with the next concert recording in the pipe i see
the same behaviour again…

Could anyone with a X32Live Card try to replicate this ?

Thank you,
(Nuendo 10.3.0 —MBP2016—MACOS 10.15.6)

This is the 2nd time this happened in 2 Weeks ,if you work with X32LIVE Multichannel WAVs i highly recommend you backup your original multichannel files at a safe place …

this is obvious

isn’t the field recorder import feature not made for this?

otherwise you can define names during the split to mono files
or rename them after every step to make sure they don’t get messed

Re-Naming the Multi Wavs on the SD Card before importing /splitting appears to be the fastest workaround here .

Still ,Nuendo shouldn’t mix up it’s self created mono wavs ,even if they have the same Name & File Length since the Timestamp should be different .

It always did import same-named files with a new number in brackets to avoid mix-up…but something got messed up here ,please check !


the time stamp is meta-data and equal file-names could not exist
are your files broadcast wav?
if not they have not stored the time in the wav part,
it’s only a property from the file-system

btw system specs would help a bit

Just thought about another possible explanation for this :
I totally ignored the fact that I’m directly working on a dropbox drive .
I´m recording/editing/mixing directly to Dropbox for many years now without any issue .
Probably Dropbox has simply overwritten the files due to same name/file length in the background .
This would explain all the messed-up behaviour .
My specs (for this) are in my 1st post ,i don’t post general specs since I’m often working on different systems .
Thanx , i will try to proof that later…

at least the hint to an OS would help

see under my first post :
(Nuendo 10.3.0 —MBP2016—MACOS 10.15.6)

  • RME UFX+(thunderbolt connected)/Cadac M16 Mic PreAmps via MADI / UAD2/Waves/NI PlugIns in the System but not loaded
    /Ext 4TB SSD (APFS) with Dropbox/ASIO Guard active /File Vault NOT active

Almost sure this is Dropbox Sync engine ,replacing same-named files in the background…
Never seen this from Nuendo since V1.6
Normally i wouldn’t run into this in a recording or whatever situation ,always naming Chs before recording,
saving each edit/mix chapter as a different File Name…
Unfortunately the Behringer Card will not allow custom names or any changes to the default so i simply must remember to
rename the WAVs before importing

Thanx Steffen