Import multiple audio files to multiple layers

The new De-Bleed function is really great!
I have used it on drum files that I received from another studio.
It’s now very easy to wash away unwanted leaking from the different drum files.

BUT, it would have been really really great if one could import multiple audio files to multiple layers.
I have now 10 or 11 drum files from this session where I want to de-bleed from leaked guitars and I want them on individual layers in the same project to use the de-bleed function.
As it is now I have to import them one by one, so an ‘import multiple files to multiple layers function’ would have been neat!

While you’re right the File > Open dialog box could be improved by allowing multiple selections, you can actually import multiple files at once using drag & drop !
Select them all in your file explorer, and drag them all at once in SpectraLayers. They will import as a single project with multiple layers.

Ah, a hidden feature! Thank you very much!