Import Multiple MIDI files?

Anyone know how to import many MIDI files at the same time? I tried dragging a load of MIDI drum files into a project to audition, but only 1 file seems to be there.

The manual also seems to refer to your MIDI ‘file’ in the singular.

I just bought thousands of drum MIDI files and need to audition them quickly. I’ll never get there 1 at a time!

Thanks if you can help!


I think you can only import one file at a time.

Solution? MediaBay. Use it to scan the folder where those drum files are and then go to that folder in the browser. You have to assign a ‘playback’ source in MediaBay for midi the first time. After that, it will play and audition your midi files just as it does audio files.


Thanks Como, I figured this out - used Medibay.

A further problem now is that my piece is 180bpm but really the feel is 90bpm, and therefore my MIDI auditioning results in a lot of double-speed drums. Is there a way to audition at half or double speed in MediaBay? I can’t find any controls like this…



Try reading the manual, crackhead. :unamused:

Aloha D,

Very easy to do. Use QuickLook.

While in the Finder, select a MIDI file and then press the space bar.
The file will play using QuickTime as an audio source.
It sounds terrible but you can quickly hear what is on each file.

No need to close QuickLook between files.
Just use your arrow keys to navigate to the next file.


I can’t think of anything more irritating than some idiot saying ‘read the manual’ in response to a serious question.

Maybe it’s because I’m 40 year old professional composer and I’ve been using Cubase for 20 years, and therefore feel a perhaps pompous self-regard, but I really wish you were here in person so I could thump you in the face. Fyi you pathetic tool, I’ve RTFM and it doesn’t seem to mention the ability to preview at double tempo in the Loop Browser. But maybe you’ve read it more thoroughly than me, maybe it’s your holy Koran and you can quote it verbatim. I wouldn’t be surprised, you’ve written so many posts on here you’re obviously more interested in Cubase than being a musician.

If so, do enlighten me.

Curteye - thanks - that would normally work I guess but it’s drum files so I just get this groovy piano playing in Finder :slight_smile:

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