Import Multiple Tempo Tracks in one project?

I am trying to find out if I can import more then one tempo track in a single project, as in one after another. Say one song is from bar 1 to 160 with it’s tempo track, can I import another one at like bar 161 for another song? Version 6.0.3.


You cannot import more than one Tempo track, but you can import a MIDI File (containing its own tempo/time signature data) to be placed at the current Left Locator position. (Just make sure that the MIDI file contains at least one “Note-on”… you can always delete it, once imported :wink: )

I have been trying to import a midi file from a notation program into Cubase 6. It contains a complex set of tempo changes generated inside the notation program. When I import the file it will have the tempo info only if I import it into a new project. The tempo track shows the changes for the whole piece. But when I try to import it at the cursor position in an existing project, the tempo information is not there. A response to the above question suggested that a “note on” should be included in the imported midi file. How do I achieve that? Or, is it possible to move the imported Midi file within the receiving project and carry the tempo track with it?


Go into Cubase’s preferences window and go to MIDI, then under MIDI File find the option that says “Import to Left Locator” make sure it is checked, and make sure “Ignore Master Track Events on Merge” is unchecked. Now you just set the left locator to where you want the MIDI/tempo to be imported to and go to File>Import>MIDI File and choose the one you want. Then set the left locator where you want the next one, import MIDI, etc., etc. You can delete the MIDI tracks/events afterwards if you want, the tempo will remain. When it asks you if you want to create a new project for the MIDI file, click on No