Import musicxml file

So far, I have been successful when I try to open a muscxml file directly with Dorico, but I have been unsuccessful when trying to import a musicxml file/flow into an open document. I get to the dialog that shows the flows with a checkbox, but it doesn’t allow me to select a flow to import. Is there some selection or place or state within the open document that is a prerequisite that I am missing?

If it matters, I’m exporting charts from iReal Pro as musicxml. I have tried importing the flow into both a custom template document and one of Dorico’s stock templates.

I suspect that panel in the import dialog is either a bug, or a feature that might be useful with some future version of MusicXML. Just ignore it and click “OK”.

The current spec of MusicXML doesn’t have any concept of “separate flows” in a file, and when you import a file, Dorico always creates a new flow in your project.

The corresponding panel in the export dialog makes sense to select what want to export, of course.

Thank for that, Rob. Yes, I see what happened. Because I could not select the flow in the dialog, I assumed that I could not continue with the import, when indeed I can. I also didn’t realize that the music had been imported, because it didn’t show up in the open page onscreen, but, being a new flow, it showed up on the second page, and I had to scroll over to see it or I would have assumed that nothing was imported. Thanks fr helping me sort that out.