Import MusicXML forces new project creation in Cubase

Is there an easier way to import MusicXML score into Cubase? When I use import from within an existing project it forces the creation of a new Cubase project. Is there a way to stop this happening and import to new instruments in the current project?

(for context I use MuseScore for writing currently, and only really need changes in Tempo, Time Signature, Piano notes played, and havent bothered including dynamics in the export/import process so far, so if there is another way to do this, feel free to offer it up. Dynamics would be nice of course, though are optional, but the other elements are essential.)

ok update for anyone interested. lucky shot I got this to work with .mid files instead (tempo, time signature and the trble and bass staffs get seperated which I dont mind. didnt try with Dynamics maybe someone can let me know if they think it would work)

I did have to change a few settings.
in Preferences /Midi/Midi File/ Import:
uncheck - Ignore Master Track Events on Merge.

and I also had to have the Signature and Tempo tracks showing in the project window, also important to activate Tempo track first from what I could tell it is needed, though someone might be able to confirm or deny that.

anyway, it worked for my needs. but I would still like the MusicXML option to not create a new project when imported.

We are having the same issue, music.xml files will open a new project in Cubase. How does one import into the current project?

[edit] This is the answer:

  1. import your music.xml file from within Cubase Pro (you will have to navigate to the music.xml file, press Enter, then choose the place, where the new project should be saved, then press Enter again). A new Cubase project will be produced and saved at the chosen place.

  2. Open the Cubase project you are working on (or make it active, if it is already open), go to File -> Import -> Import Tracks from Project. Navigate to the prior saved project and press Enter. This will give you a window with a lot of options. By default the tracks from the other project will be imported into new tracks of your active project.