Import MusicXml from Opusmodus to Dorico

Working with Opusmodus and Dorico is a wonderful workflow.
Unfortunately, when importing Xml from Opusmodus to Dorico, the dynamics are never imported.
Any tip or trick for that ?
Once it will work, i will do some video tutorials to show how to use Opusmodus with Dorico :wink:

All the best to the Dorico team


Can you attach a small OpusModus-generated MusicXML file in a zip file here, so I can take a look and see what information about dynamics is included in the MusicXML file? (1.47 KB)
Hi Daniel,
Attached, a small Opusmodus Xml Snippet.


Thanks, I can see the problem: at the moment, Dorico will only import dynamics that are contained within a element, while OpusModus uses the perfectly valid element to contain its dynamics. I will add this to our backlog to improve in future, but I’m afraid I can’t say when we will do it. I don’t know whether Janusz Podrazik, the developer of OpusModus, would be willing and able to start using the element more quickly than we will be able to add handling for the element. You might ask him.

Ok, i will ask him.

After a discussion with Janusz, it appear than only Dorico can’t import Opusmodus xml.
Finale, Sibelius, Overture and Notion import it perfectly, so it could be not good for us to change that.

Actually, i’m using Sibelius or sometimes Finale as a pre-processor for Opusmodus xml files. That’s a pity.
I would really like to work directly from Opmo to Dorico.

This is a bit of out of the blue. Perhaps as a limited time test, you could try to postprocess the XML file. I know too little about this, but just perhaps, if you simply replace the text “notations” with “direction-type”?

Thank you for your suggestion, but unfortunately, it doesn’t works. It is bit more complicated.


i’ve juste finished 2 new pieces Made in Opusmodus and Dorico.
i’ve had to export from Opusmodus to Sibelius and then import to Dorico for now because this problem of xml.
i would love to do a Opusmodus/Dorico workflow video when the problem will be solved.
Here’s the pieces:

Pattern for Piano:

Shift for String Quartet: