Import MusicXML into Dorico template causes crash

Is it possible to import a MusicXML file into a Dorico Pro 4.0.20 template? I have exported a score from Finale 26.3 as MusicXML 3.1. I’d like to be able to import it into one of my templates that has everything configured the way I like. However, right after I’m asked in Dorico whether I want to create new players or try to merge with existing ones (I’ve tried both ways), Dorico crashes. I can directly open the MusicXML file in Dorico, but there is a red X flag on every bar on every stave, not to mention all the other layout and configuration issues that need to be corrected. Is what I’m wanting to do possible/practical?

Would you be able to attach the MusicXML file and your template here? Then we can try to work out why it’s crashing.

It would also be helpful if you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, as that should include the crash logs, which could also give us a clue.

Thanks Richard and Daniel. I’m out of town at the moment but will send the files and crash report on Monday when I’m back. Is it possible to send it directly rather than posting it here? It’s proprietary work.

Yes, you can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Just sent, thanks!