Import MusicXML into existing project


I have quite a few printed pieces of music which i would like to embed in projects as separate flows in an existing project. But when i import a MusicXML file into Dorico with an open project, it still creates a new project.

I assume this is not yet available, so could we hope to get this feature in a upcoming update maybe ?


This will be possible in the next update. It will be as simple as having the project open into which you want to import the contents of a MusicXML file as a new flow, then choose File > Import > MusicXML (as opposed to File > Open and choosing a MusicXML file, which will always start a new project).

This is wonderful news! I imagine there will be a fair number of people who have completed projects in other programs that will want to go back and re-engrave it all in Dorico but put it into one file for continuity’s sake.