Import musicxml with force duration?

I’m trying to import a large orchestra score from Sibelius using MusicXML but it re-notates rhythms on the score, even though I’ve turned on “preserve force duration” as a default in my Preferences. (I can’t attach the file since it belongs to a third party).
Any way this can be avoided? Maybe something that has to be improved upon?

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Can you post a Dorico excerpt large enough to illustrate the problem but small enough not to compromise the score?

If this is a rhythmic problem, you might set all notes to the same pitch.


This is the original:

This is Dorico’s default:

It might help if the excerpt is a cutdown musicxml.

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One can certainly tell Dorico to turn off the double-dots.

This is the fragment:

Importing a 5/4 meter without an underlying grouping specified, Dorico makes it 3+2 quarters. Unfortunately this results in different division of tied values like in bar 10 above. One could argue that the Flute notation is more correct, if it is indeed 3+2, but the 2nd Oboe obviously would be better as a dotted half.

Forcing duration might be the the solution to all of these, unless you can save any time by applying a different beat grouping such as 2+3 or 4+1. Try changing the meter to [4+1]/4 and observe what changes. You can always Undo.

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A bit of context: the job involves changing some music fonts & formatting from a large orchestral piece, over 60 pages long. I am expected by the client not to touch any music at all (even less have to re-notate all the rhythms manually). I was hoping Dorico could “smartly” import all the rhythms as written. If that’s not possible and notation settings do need to be tweaked, I’d say importing with force duration would be a priority feature for me

The problem with the (good) idea of the OP is that the original notated durations aren’t “forced” in any way that Dorico can recognize. Now that I read this description of the job, I would say you have to do it in Sibelius.

P.S. I have been using Norfolk, a port of the Bravura font for use with Sibelius, for about 9 years now. Looks great.

Yeah, I know what you mean. - Perhaps the biggest step for Dorico to ‘overcome’ is to allow the “traditional” way of storing durations to coexist with the way it stores them now, permitting that kind of control that’s often needed.

Regarding the fonts, I’m asked to use Finale’s old Petrucci font (Finale Legacy), but the symbols won’t load at all in Sibelius. I’ve managed to find a free Petrucci version online but it’s causing many problems with missing symbols. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the quickest way to do it (the other frightening alternative being exporting to Finale!)

Are you sure you ticked the “note duration” option in xml import? if I import, I get this

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I agree with @Nukkul you clearly have not applied the note duration option…

Yes! Somehow that works (it’s what I was after). Some stuff needs tweaking (glissandos & symbols) but it is much much better. So many thanks!

Oops – Sorry to have misled you and glad others came in to show I was wrong!

It would be good however to be able to access Preferences from the jump bar, just as we can access engraving or notation options. Finding things can be tricky in such a deep program