Import of audio tracks with several parts into a new project

Hi everybody,
I have a simple question creating a lot of head ace to me. I have recorded several audio parts in my Lead Vocals , as well as Backing Vocals and copied e.g the chorus three times in the project. Now I would like to import the complete tracks (Lead and Backing Vocals) into a new project. If I do select all part of a track, copy and pasts only the firft part is copied into the new project. I tried to glue all parts of a track together and rename the new track, but it does not appear in the pool.

Can somebody please help me.

Try Events to Part or Bounce Selected first.

It is important to understand the difference between an audio CLIP, audio EVENT, and audio PART. (and also REGIONS but they apply in the sample editor.)
A CLIP is an actual file that is on the hard drive and clips will show up in the pool.
An EVENTin an INSTANCE of a clip (either full or partial) in your project. You can have multiple audio events that are from the same audio clip.
An audio PART is a GROUP of one or more audio events. If you glue multiple audio events together, you get a PART.

Based on what you wrote above, I THINK, what may make it easier for you is to select all the audio parts on the track the then “bounce” them. This will create a new, single file which should make it easier for you to import to another project.