Import of customized slurs and fingerings in Dorico 3

When i open a Dorico 2 file with customized slurs and fingerings in Dorico 3, the adjustments are lost. Slurs become flattened and the fingerings partly change their position.

Yes, there are changes to the placement of fingerings and slurs in Dorico 3 that mean we cannot guarantee that they will appear precisely the same in 3.0 as they did in 2.2, I’m afraid.

I guess there’s no way to omit the conversion process when opening a 2.2 file in Dorico 3?

No, there’s not, I’m afraid. You can keep Dorico 2.2 installed for these projects, or you can bite the bullet and reset the position and design of the slurs and fingerings, then fix any remaining problems.

For projects that don’t dramatically profit from the new features in Dorico 3, it’s probably better to finish them in Dorico 2, specially when much fine tuning has been done already with slurs and fingerings.

Will this behavior be fixed so slurs maintain their shape regardless of which future version of Dorico is used to open an older file?

No, unfortunately that’s not practical at this stage.