Import only one intrumentist

Hi colleagues…;I use Dorico Elements . I would like to import a midifile in a bloc in order to add a new player/instrument in my current project and my current opened block. For the moment, with my parameters, when I import a midifile, Dorico automatically creates a new block and It seems impossible to add my new file in my bloc or to “merge” the two blocks after import … Have you any idea to do that ?

By “block” do you mean the same thing as “flow”?
If so, have you tried copy/pasting the material in the added flow at the end of your existing flow?

My quesiton is probably not clear …;sorry. I don’t want to add the second midifile at the end of the first one… I want to add it in “parallel”… I give you an example : I have a project with a piano and a bass… It is OK but I want to add a drum kit. I have the drum kit with good loops in midi files and I want to add this midifile to my first one to have now three “instruments” and musicians : Piano, Bass and Drums. I suppose it is effectively possible to use Copy / paste process between flows but I would prefer directly add the second midifile to the first one …; as we can do in all Daws… Thank you for your help.

Hi @Wills01
In your flow with piano and bass, crate a new player with drum kit. In play mode you can drag and drop your midi file to the drum player track :slight_smile:

Thank you… it is a very good idea to use play windows ! ….