Import Paragraph and Character styles?

Would be great to be able to do this easily, like how project info can be imported.

You mean to import font information etc. when importing MusicXML files? Or something else?

Not for MusicXML but new projects. I use a lot of text labels because as notes to self and references, but the default positioning clashes and doesn’t auto adjust to Tempo Markings and Rehearsal marks. Currently the default baseline for all the text goes above the staff, I started a score where I changed a bunch to have the baseline go below the staff or higher than the other markings but when I started a new project I discovered there’s no way to get the positing information in quickly, I have redefine everything. You can only create new from selection and can’t export or import. Alternatively it would be nice to have any styles you create become global, though I can see that becoming messy too.

I just realized the project info (composer name, copyright etc.) copying is internal within the project and can’t copy from another file.

Yes, unfortunately we’re missing features to import and export settings from one document to another, though I expect we will be able to work on these early next year.

In the meantime, if you take an existing project with the settings you want, do File > Save As to save it under a new name, then delete all of the players and flows from it, you effectively then have an empty template project with all of your settings already in it, and you can start your new projects by first opening your empty template.