Import pictures to Track as an addition to "Notepad"


Recently I’ve been thinking about the possibility of having such a feature where we could import pictures jpg/png into a track.

Example of use:
I’m recording analogue synth into a track. Because it’s an analogue synth without presets, the only option to remember what settings were used is to make a picture of a synth.
Now, it would be nice to have such a picture available somewhere on the track.
It could be an extension to Notepad with a possibility to open a picture in a new window or full-screen. Because naturally, the Notepad window is too small to see all the details.

Obviously, Track Pictures are useless for that purpose because of small dimensions.

I believe that it could help anyone who deals with hardware without a recall/preset option. Especially now when such hardware is more (financially) accessible than ever before.

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Somebody beat you to it. Snapshot (free)

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Thanks for the info and link :slight_smile: I’m happy that somebody already did it.