import, play, CD crash


First post. Everything or more accurately a few thing have gone bad. If you want all the gory details see

Enough to loose the faith. I value my time as much as the next user and getting to this point has been hours of work.
Tried a search “import, play, CD crash” and variations but the search engine could not handle it.

I want to import a CD. Did it but when I try to audition a track Cubase freezes. On two occasions all went well and I copied a track to the project track. About 30 attempts and no luck.

I have a log. Where do I send it?

Please help.

I have a log. Where do I send it?

The Forum is ok for advice & people may be able to help with specific issues, but it is not the main support route.
You need to contact support via the main site.

Fixed problem:

I first determined that the problem was the CD/DVD. Tried a few things that failed to help. Later I had a brainstorm why not connect the CD/DVD to another port on the motherboard. It worked! :smiley:

Why it worked with the other programs and not Cubase remains a mystery. :question:

I have an allied problem. Cubase 6 doesn’t recognise my CD/DVD writer at all.

Also I can’t burn a CD using Wavelab 4/5. I always use Nero or Soundforge instead.

Also I can’t burn a CD using Wavelab 4/5

Did you see this:

Hi Grim -

Yes, thanks, tried everything, winaspi file and registry entry.

But I shouldn’t have to fiddle about installing extra files or go delving into the registry when other burning software works straight out of the box.

My solution is simple. I don’t use C6 or WL for CD playing/burning.