import preferences from WL 9 to 10

Hi all,

I’ve just installed WL10. Unfortunately I did not import my settings and preferences on initial startup.
Is there a way to export these settings from WL9 (I never used 9.5 but I do have it installed) and import them into WL10?

Grtz, Renzo

The manual way to do this is to copy the preferences files from the 9 or 9.5 folder to the WaveLab 10 preferences folder.

Are you on Mac or PC?

In the Preferences area inside WaveLab, you can choose “Show Setting Folder” and that will reveal where the settings are stored on your computer.

On Mac, it’s something like this:

/Users/username/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 9.5/Preferences
/Users/username/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 10.0/Preferences

You can manually copy the files from your 9 or 9.5 folder over to 10 and restart WaveLab 10. The plugin scan will take some time the first time you do this.

Hi Justin,

Thanks, I managed to get it working. And yes, I’m on Mac (Mojave).
Only thing now is that WL10 crashes immediately when I open one specific plug-in: UBK-1 by Kush Audio. The other ones (also some of Kush) work just fine. Strange…

Most likely, it’s a fix for UBK to make. I would ask if they’ve tested their plugins in WaveLab. That being said, you could post the crash report here (in a fresh thread) to see if PG can analyze it in case WaveLab is the cause of the crash.

Crash reports on Mac are found here:

You should see some reports with WaveLab 10 in the name.

Tnx Justin, I’ll look into it. If necessary I’ll put it in a separate post here.