Import problem Cubase Pro 10.0.15 OSX

When i import a audio file. (file -> import audio).
I can see the native OSX Finder but at the bottom on the screen (options) there is no autoplay or preview function visible. Only a grey screen. Is this a bug or is there a solution. On my windows 10 machine this works without any hassle. There you can see the file explorer and see the autoplay options. i know this is also possible with OSX. Could somebody help ?. To help you a little bit. i do not have controlrom activated. and it is not a problem of no sound, but it is a problem of the options not being visable.

Problem also exists with the latest 10.0.15 update and OSX 10.14.3

It’s working for me on Mac El-Capitan. Not tried it in Mojave

This is a known issue and will be fixed with Cubase 10.0.20.

I do not get it that you guys release cubase with this basic function broken.
And even release a update (knowing this was broken and a problem) without fixing this problem.
Also i send in a support ticket for this that is not being replied for a month now.

There are some basic things (My experience) that need to get solved at the office.
-Support reply time
-Basic function control before release.

I love cubase, but it gives me a bad taste about how steinberg is working on products and with customers in 2019. The daw is not that cheap so i think your customers expect more.

Thanks for the reply, at least i know now that it is getting solved

Hi marklcubase,
this is actually a bug in macOS 10.14. We needed time to find a workaround and that was not in the 10.0.15 bugfix cycle, I’m afraid. In the meantime give the MediaBay file browser a chance for importing files.


ok thank you for your reply. i hope the new update is out there soon. cheers!