Import Samples.....pls help


I am new to sampling and having difficulty importing like a wav file into Halion 4
I drag and drop the wav file which is simple
But it doesnt seem to map to all the keys, only like one or 2 keys
What am I doing wrong ?

Is this any simple guidelines to follow for importing like a wav file sample ?

thanks guys really apprecaite your help

Where exactly do you drop the sample file in HALion: the mapping editor, the slot rack or the program tree?
Also to make sure I understand correctly, are you trying to map one sample across the whole keyboard range or are you importing a group of samples to be mapped in one go?

I am wanting to map one sample accross the whole keyboard range
I dropped the wav sample in the slot rack


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Can you stretch the sample across the keyboard manually?
Also, in the mapping editor do you see it mapped across only one or two keys or the whole keyboard?
If the second is the case (the sample is mapped across all keys, but only a few of them can actually trigger it), check your Low Key/High Key settings in the Main section of the sound editor.

Thanks El-russo
You put me in the right direction
I dropped the wav on the mapping editor
Stretched to the required keys
Then saved
Opened in the program slot

perfect !!

thanks again