Import Scan Into Dorico

Hi -

What’s the best way to import a scanned pdf containing music notation into Dorico for further editing? Is this a feature of the software? Or perhaps there is a 3d part application that can turn a pdf into a docico project or xml file?


No, importing PDFs for editing is not supported. For that, you’d need a 3rd-party software, like SmartScore. Results vary…

You need a program that converts your PDF to XML. You can then import the XML file into Dorico.

Thanks. I guess I need to look into 3rd party options. Anyone have any recommendations?

Dear Dave111,
I only know Photoscore Ultimate, so that would not count as a recommendation. The new version (a year ago) is 64 bits, HD, and works really better than before, but the scanned copy quality is still what will tell whether it’s faster to use it or if you’d better enter it manually.