Steiny!!! Please add this fucki ng features that PT has from years!!! Is the only import command that have sense!!! One click you choose from a folder of a project, select what you want and that’s it!!! No more save mixer config, save track preset or other bullsh it!! We need to import from what we have created !!! :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:


This is already kinda possible. Although not documented.

For examples if you open a session, lets name it session A, then open session B and when
Cubase asks if you want session B to be activated, say no.

Then just click on a audio region ( it’s very important, click on the REGIONS , not the track )
then drag’n’drop to session A . you’ll see it creates a track with the same name , and import
all the insert FX and automations.

Same thing for the instrument track. If you use instruments tracks, you can import everything from a session to another by clicking on the midi regions , and drag’n’drop to an empty space of the other session ( dont drag’n’drop on a actual track, drag to the “bottom” of the session where there’s nothing and it will create tracks )

you can’t drag’n’drop group tracks yet.

Yes. But it provide so many issues from differences of each projects. Import session data would be mutch easier and logical.

Apparently, you can import audio tracks with Nuendo. I never knew ( i’m not a Nuendo user so that explains it :stuck_out_tongue: )
It’s limited to audio tracks only (it seems , I have to try )

One vote from me to have this option in Cubase , with more advanced features ( like being able to import every tracks : video tracks, group track, FX tracks, inserts, masters track with insert FX , or not … )

regarding this , I think Logic has the perfect way of importing things from a session to another. It’s clear, intuitive, streamlined.Maybe you should get some inspiration from it Steinberg :slight_smile:


HUGE +1!!! Please! This and the grouping are the only 2 things that are way ahead in protools!!!


I think the import track from session is a 1st step but hopefully they have a full import session data in Cubase 9