Import setting with clean install

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a new Mac Studio M2 Ultra. I intend to perform a clean install of Cubase 13 Pro without using the migration assistant. Currently, on my Mac Pro Intel, I have the latest Cubase 12.0.70 with numerous personal customizations such as shortcuts, color scheme, routing, plugin lists and settings.

I’m curious about the most effective method to transfer all these settings from Cubase 12 to Cubase 13 after the clean installation. Thank you for any advice or wisdom you can provide.


On the old Mac export the Profile. Then import it into your new machine.

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Make sure it’s the used profile, otherwise you will import the default settings or an old profile.

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I just looked it up in the manual, and that’s precisely what I needed. It appears to include all the settings in every area that I require.

Thank you both so much!

I don’t know what the Profile Manager > export → import pipeline is supposed to support, but one thing is does is not is the color scheme. :frowning_face: