Import settings from v9.5 to 10 (pro)

I’ve just updated pro from 9.5 to 10. Is there a way to import my personal settings (vst folders, short-cut keys, etc) into the new version?


I just had to do some searching for the same question and apparently, the process is:

  1. Open Cubase 9.5
  2. Go to File - Profile Manager
  3. Export your Profile - give it a name like “Jerry Profile”
  4. Exit Cubase 9.5


  1. Open Cubase 10
  2. Go to Edit - > Profile Manager (notice it moved)
  3. Click Import and locate “Jerry Profile” to load it up
  4. Cubase will let you know you need to restart - do it (your plugins and whatnot may be rescanned so practice patience)

Based on what I read, that should be it. In the middle of it now.

Thanks Funkybot, I’ll have a go at that.