Import Settings Option During Upgrade

Totally enjoying the changes in C9 - I’d like to see/have an option (during the upgrade install process) to import previous settings for the control room and templates (in Media Bay). A simple thing to include, yes?

+1!!! Add to that an import of keyboard shortcuts.

But it normally does import the settings from a previous version.
So what you really are asking is a option for NOT importing settings from a previous version ?
Or is it specific to Control Room and Media Bay ?
I have to admit I don’t remember if I did have to alter anything in those, did add and remove some hardware at the time I upgraded.
If you are not aware of it the Profile Manager, can be a helpful tool, it covers most settings.

Thanks, Peakae - I hadn’t set up a profile prior to the upgrade (great suggestion, nonetheless), so, my custom templates and control room settings didn’t transfer. I ended up copying them from C8.5 and pasting to my C9 AppData directories.

I am fairly certain that the last upgrade I installed (8 to 8.5) did not bring my keyboard shortcuts along. I don’t believe it brought my control room settings along either (but it’s been quite a while, so I might not be remembering this correctly).

Will check out the Profile Manager as you suggest before doing another upgrade (just acquired 9.0 so that may be soon).