Import Song From Cubase Studio 5 To Pro 9.5 (Solved)

Hi All,
I have imported a song recorded in Cubase Studio 5 to Pro 9.5 by using the back-up project function and then opening the CPR file into 9.5.
The project opens but with a couple exceptions.

  1. The wav files don’t have the Pro 9.5 functionalities like volume adjustment.

  2. The older project imported into Pro 9.5 is still seeing my older interface/sound card inputs, even when my new interface/sound card is selected.
    This makes it impossible to record because it’s not seeing the proper inputs.

The only workaround I can think of is to just import the wav files and not the project but there are to many other variables. I also have other vst instrumentation, eq and sfx processing that would take too much time to recreate.

Any thoughts?



  1. Make sure the Audio Events are not locked, or the Audio track is not locked.

  2. Could you try to change the ASIO driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System to other (or none) ASIO driver, and then back to your Audio Device?

Thanks for the reply Martin. I will check both suggestions. I will let you know.

Ok, the audio events are not locked but same results. They don’t have the full functionality.
I also released the audio driver and then reinstated it but the track inputs still don’t see it. They are still showing the L/R input of the old interface/card. The Studio Setup > VST Audio System sees it but not the tracks. It’s as if this project doesn’t see all of the Pro 9.5 protocol.

  1. Never seen that, and I have loaded many old projects even older than C5.
  2. The input and output (F4) have to be changed to reflect your new audio device.
    I constantly do that when moving between computer setups. You can save a preset for the inputs and a preset for the outputs in each tab.

Thanks for the hit.

  1. I hadn’t done it in a while but if I can remember correctly, past imported projects reacted the same as far as the wav files are concerned.
    I rendered the audio events in place and they took on the proper functionality.

  2. Thanks for the F4 keystroke. I couldn’t find the “Audio Connections” because I was looking in “Studio Setup” instead of “Studio”.
    That did fix the input problem, thanks!
    Didn’t think I had to set up the audio connections because I hadn’t needed to for other songs once it was established.
    What I failed to remember is that I was using templates where it was already saved or imported songs from Pro 9.5 on my other 'puter.
    This particular song was saved by and exported from Cubase Studio 5.