Import spreadsheet or word-processed text into frame

Is there a way to put some carefully formatted tables or word-processed text into a text frame in Dorico 4? So far I’ve been taking screen images, which don’t look very good. I know this is more of a desktop publishing feature than a music notation feature, but I’m hoping there’s a trick. Cut and paste certainly doesn’t work.

And if not, does Dorico support “tabs” so I can format text into columns?

Yes, you can tab. You can also set center and right tabs. “Carefully formatted” doesn’t translate well to pasting into frames though.

I do format text in columns… by drawing two text frames!
Pasting doesn’t retain any formatting, so you have to start with the most prominent paragraph style, then tweak whatever needs tweaking in your text. Clearly not the same level as with music, but it’s nice to have the whole file done in one real file. When you correct things, you don’t have to build the whole document again.

I see center and right tabs for a whole paragraph, but not how to do “columns”. I’ll try Marc’s idea. Or maybe import a PDF?

[edit to add: can’t import PDF into a graphic frame…, just JPG, SVG, PNG]

To make columns, don’t set tab stops. Just tab.

OK, that works. I don’t see how to set a “column” to right/left/center. Those affect the whole paragraph.

Reference: Text editor options in Engrave mode

Once you have set your tab stops, just hit the tab button to place text in those columns. I regularly use the left, center, and right tab stops in the same line.

Feeling dense, but I’m not seeing where to set the tab stops.

Frame tool, select the text frame, and open the bottom panel.

Aha, thanks.

@Lillie_Harris , I wasn’t able to find this feature in Dorico 4’s help. I was searching like this:
site: tab stop

or here: Text frames

but the term “tab” has multiple meanings in Dorico, and I haven’t found the documentation for tab stops.