Import tempo+MIDI to template

Can we have the ability to import tempo from a MIDI file WITHOUT being forced to create a new project?
I cooperate with people using Logic and Studio One, and when I import a bunch of MIDI files into Cubase, I’m asked if I want to create a new project. If I say no, all files are imported but the tempo is not. If I say yes, I create a new project and MIDI AND tempo is imported, and then I have to copy all that to my template. Can we have the option to “Import tempo with MIDI” in Cubase 12?
Please vote for this


You can change the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Import Options > Ignore Master Track Events on Merge. If this option is disabled, the existing project tempo will be overwritten by the MIDI File tempo map.

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Thank you, you too @Musicmind .