Import Tempo Track & Arranger Track

Adding import Tempo Track Checklist in the Import Track from Project Menu, so I can import tempo track from one project to another without import/export tempo project first

Adding import Arranger track too in import Track from project menu

+1… certainly for the Tempo (and Time Signature) track.
The Arranger track might need a bit more work to achieve (there isn’t even a “regular” Export/Import" function for the Arranger track yet :wink: )


+1. The way you get the tempo in is completely non-intuitive and easy to forget because the option you need to check seemingly has nothing to do with tempo.



The ability to store tempo tracks as presets would be handy too – quicker than locating a track to import.

And adding to that, being able to read this kinda key statistics out of the project before even open it.