Import tempo track issues

Can’t remember when I last imported tempo SMT tempo files, I import midi files for tempo tracks quite often and it works well. The other day I was importing SMTs though; what in the world has happened to this function!?

I had a tempo track and a signature track in the project. Tempo track seemed to come in alright but the signature track was a complete mess. Signatures in random places (not even on even bars) and not actually changing the signature. Closing the project and re-opening it put seemed to put them in the right place, but importing also created a new track version (why???) on the tempo and signature tracks. Trying to switch track versions would not sync and a warning message popped up.

I tried in 8.5 as well - same issue. Tried in 7.5 (I think) and there it works without problems (IIRC).

Sorry if this sounds a bit vague, I’m on tour at the moment, was sitting with this stuff literally hours before leaving so I didn’t have much time narrowing things down and I can’t go back to it for quite some time. I might have the SMTs on a drive here if anyone would be willing to try to replicate this.

Anyone else having the same problem?