Import Tempo Track + Markers from Cubase?

Hi there,
I have a project in Cubase with the following: Imported video, 3 markers (MX IN, MX OUT, and a single sync point in between) and a tempo track (the tempo was adjusted so that the sync point happens exactly in measure 24).
What is the best way to export this and import it into Dorico? I searched and found that I’m supposed to export as MIDI, but the export as MIDI is greyed out in Cubase and I don’t know why.
When searching in the forum people seem to be having all kinds of different problems importing but I think mine might be simpler to solve (since in my case the video starts exactly in bar 1).
Keep in mind that I’ve already set up my score in Dorico. I’m only looking to import tempo and markers into it without screwing up the score haha.

Definitely the way to handle this is to export MIDI from Cubase and then import that into Dorico via File > Import > Tempo Track. I’m afraid I don’t know why it might be the case that the option to export MIDI should be disabled in Cubase: but I’m sure if you take that question to the Cubase forum you will quickly get a helpful answer.