Import to New Layer (after WL processing). Possible.?

I’m watching this video tutorial/demo of SL Pro 7

At around 52:25 he begins talking about editing a layer in WL, doing some processing, rendering the results, quitting WL and then re-import back to SL. This updates the existing layer where it came from. How about being able to import into a new layer instead.? This way, you would have both unprocessed and processed versions available to experiment further. Just a thought.

There again, maybe its already possible somehow… :slight_smile:

(By the way - finally updated to Elements 7…! Money too tight to go ‘Pro’ right now… Will definitely be taking out a 30-day Pro Trial soon; just don’t know when I could afford to buy a full upgrade :wink: )

[EDIT] Also, this interaction between SL and WL - are there plans for deeper working together…? At the moment, is it one layer/one file at a time, closing out of WL each time to do the re-import, etc, etc…?

Just duplicate the layer before editing it in WL :slight_smile:

At the moment it’s one layer at a time yes. This may be improved in the future though.


I can only imagine it would be good to have… :wink: