Import track archive advice

It’s very unfortunate that the import track archive function does not seem to allow folder tracks or maintain channel output routing to group busses. Just wondering how you all deal with this?

For example, I decided to record live strings on several songs on a record. I get all my string tracks set up and routed to busses. I have each “layer“ for multiple passes in folders etc. (For stacking the quarter for more orchestral arrangements.)
I’d like to import these folders and their tracks and routing into the next song. Seems like I have to do it all again for each song… Huge time waster.

Any workarounds?

Don’t use folders and make sure your destinations are imported first and the group routing should import.

Thanks. I “created” the destinations (group channels) first, but when importing the audio channels, the output routing was lost. But I didn’t try “importing” the destinations first. I’ll give that a go.
As far as “don’t use folders” goes… Well, that’s not much help!

As folders are not imported you have to live with it until it changes. And yes, if you have the exact same destinations on both it will keep routing 100%. But it really have to be named exactly the same or it will break.