Import Track Archive

Importing a track archive with linked tracks changes the items that are linked !


Create 6 tracks & link them activating only the volume & sends like this:
link tracks 1&4
link tracks 2&5
link tracks 3&6
Export these tracks as a track archive (select copy) -> creating a xml file.
Import this track archive back into an empty session.
Now also Selection & Routing are linked for the imported tracks !

This happens in N6, N6.5 & the latest 7.0.35 (64 bit)
Can anyone reproduce ? Or is this by design ?
Can we call this a bug ?
Very annoying with 4x15 tracks that are all linked in the wrong way .


I have been able to reproduce what you describe on a 7.0.35 (64 bit) (OSX 10.10) system